Contractor & Contract Employee Compliance Services

Any establishment or a factory would focus on its business or production, which is also called as core activity. It is also fact that there are many areas of focus in a business apart from that of core activity. As the establishment or the factory would want specialist to handle the core activities, the core employees may not undertake any noncore activities, who are core specialist.

It is also fact that the noncore activities or the short duration activities cannot be left unattended which will impact the business as a whole. This kind of situation is taken cover under contract employee engagement and the same will have to be covered under the legislation, Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act along with many other legislation that may be required to cover the contractor and employees. As a service Nexes is capable of providing support to a principle employer in handling contractors and their contract employees by means monthly or quarterly auditing of contractor’s compliance and to a contractor in preparing registers, returns, remittances, etc. Contractor compliance is more vulnerable as the noncompliance liabilities by a contractor will be treated as noncompliance liabilities of a principle employer.