Payroll Compliance Services

It is fact that there cannot be an employee without employment provided by an employer and there cannot be an employer without the contribution of employees. The bonding of employment starts as a give and take policy by an employee making suitable salary for the contribution made by an employer and providing a service as adequate to the salary received by an employee.

Though the salary becomes a term of contract between an employee and an employer, there are liabilities both from an employee and an employer to the Government of India and to particular state of employee and employer in existence. The liabilities to government of India would be for the social securities such as Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance for which the employee and their employers make a calculated contribution to respective social security body. And the liability to the respective state governments would be mandatory as a Tax on profession (Professional Tax) and a meager contribution to the Labour welfare fund. As a partner Nexes would act as master in assisting the remittance calculation, remittance through bank or online and handling inspection to keep the compliances out of payroll intact for any size and nature of industry.